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 Learn the facts before you bitch at people... OK ^_^

Fuck it

Okay drama stirring is one thing but are you like just telling THE WHOLE FRICKEN WORLD because seriously, some of the people who know what was said.. They wouldn't talk to you in a millions years so WHAT THE FUCK.

If me being nice about things and admittedly yes I did snap but only after EIGHT AND A HALF HOURS OF CHILDISH BOLLOCKS from you constantly going on and on and on. Dear Christ even the really mature and sensible people I know agreed with what I did.

If it doesn't stop I really  WILL be harsh.
you dumb fucking self-obsessed childish slag

yes i am being harsh but i all fairness im past being nice or understanding . im p pissed tbf


 Well with everything being sorted now. It looks like it's time to sit down and actually think carefully on something I was told by someone who really means alot to me. That I need to stop putting myself down and realise I'm really not that bad of a person, we all have our flaws but that doesn't mean I should be a mopey git all the time and just forget about everything positive.

I can't lie and say I'm happy with everything, but surprisingly it hasn't knocked me down either, I've just though well, if that's what that is then there you go.
You keep going and accept shit. Plus you never know what the future holds or how things will affect it. Even if it is some set out plan. It's not like we know it's outcome so enjoy it.


Kitacon II

I'm back early from what was meant to be a week away with mates after choosing to just go to home after 4 days of more or less no sleeping.

But anyway, quick sum up away. 

Thursday - arrived around 6pm-ish after  getting train late because someone was to stupid to realise Edinburgh would have traffic in the morning so we all had to wait for then.
Then rest went okay because general fun and such happened for few hours, the humour got old after a while; because immature 'jizz, pedo and racist' jokes get very old very fast (I mean they weren't even funny to begin with).
This was saved by me just going "Fuck this lets actually ~Socialise~ and go down to the bar"
Got couple shots and beers down there, went back to room with more people this time, was cut short by a failed booze run. Then Al came up played decent game before almost being kicked out of the hotel; but nothing much happened on that.

Friday - mostly OK but I'm choosing to ignore any awkward/similar moments from all this. So yeah epic opening ceremony, did my Gray cosplay, played DDR for the first time (properly), had a good few drinks.
went to late night panels and chatted with the voice actors for good few hours afterwards over pizza and drink.
got to bed at around... 11am and back down and in  the con at 12:30ish.

Saturday - Not much different here, drinks, panels and such like. Spent time socialising and meeting new people then another long morning chat till about 3am (after Hentai power hour and Yuri panel, ah good trolling) Some 3AM DDR then back to lobby when bar area was being cleaned for another random chat + VA chats.

Sunday - By now I was fed up with the people I had gone with, to the extent on just avoiding them at all costs. More panels, had the prom event , chatted to Alex during this too since made sense to at least talk during the con, cleared a few things up. back to dance.
Stole giant inflatable K from 'Kitacon'  danced around alot and didn't sleep really bar 20 mins in lobby from just dozing off randomly.

Monday - Quick chats and goodbyes, plenty people to add on Facebook, got on train to go home.
slept from 7pm till 4am... felt weird doing that.

Right that's the con summed up. now for the FUN BIT (warning this will pretty much just be me bitching about the twats I went there with)

Simple put they are some of the most boring and aggregating people you could ever meet, i mean the age range was 19 - 23 and they acted like 6 year olds away from home for the first time without 24/7 supervision.
They got drunk and proved they couldn't handle even the smallest amount of alcohol, they wouldn't STFU for even 5 seconds even when people were trying to do/say important stuff, which would have been OK except 'Jizz'ed in your pants' gets funny after hearing it.. well not really needing to hear it because it wasn't even in a joke. 'Nigger' is just unfunny and offensive, bouncing around on the bed people have drinks on is fucking retarded.
Poking and biting someone when they have said don't do it, but carrying on anyway is just stupid.
Though they did agree to give me 'space' after I said that's what was bugging me; instead of telling them they annoyed me to hell and back, but that didn't last as they took about 15 minutes to start jumping around me; after clearly pissing alot of people off by trying to mosh and rave during slow dances in the prom event, which naturally got stopped. Did i mention they were in the room each night by about 10/11PM and stayed there until around 1/2PM the next day, What an utter waste of a convention seriously, it's not like they even drank much they just watched TV and kept up the same shitty jokes.
Oh and one of the obviously best moments was when a Jo though it would be Appropriate to tell everyone and anyone who she could that I had asked her out and we were dating... WHICH WAS UTTER BOLLOCKS because it's always fun to find out your apparently dating someone from a 3rd party.
Though I spoke to her about that and I tried to keep it nice rather than just saying ' WTF are you on, we are not now, nor ever will we date you annoying, immature dumb slag' So I feel I did rather well

Ok I'm going to stop here before I say the wrong thing.

And Back

 OK so back from Kitacon II
was dammn epic.

full details to follow

You know what...


seriously, it's getting beyond a joke right now.
I've made it clear with where I stand and what I've said and done, but apparently thats not enough for people and it really does look like I'm going to have to stomach all this crap and accept the shit outlook your intent on having about me regardless of what is true and what is blatantly a lie.
But this also means one thing. If I do find out who is spreading all this shit about me. I will break them. And I do mean physically break them.

So if you just can't bear to listen to what I've said and are always going to listen to the words of people you know hate me, and want nothing more than for me gone from theirs, yours and even my own life. Then on your head be it, there is no reason for me to give a damn about being civil to these people for the sake of someone who insists on changing their mind about me every other day, even when I HAVN'T EVEN BEEN ONLINE TO DO ANYTHING WRONG.
So you know the information must be pretty extraordinary if I havn't been around to do anything. So fuck it all. Unless you can see and realise I havn't done anything and that I am clearly trying hard here to do things right for you and other people but they are intent on pushing me down then... I'm going to stop giving them any chances and I am just going to drop them.


Things just got good.

 So as well as officially dropping college, today, I also lined up an interview as a bartender just outside of worcester,.

Karma... i fucking love you <3


 OK Happy right now, went out on a limb to try and fix stuff.
It worked.
hell yes

Mar. 15th, 2010

 Yet more arguments with parents.
 Yet more shit from retarded people.

Thank you for all this
If Karma is meant to dish out the negatives and positives equally. could it please hurry up and level the playing field because right now. I'm fed up of all these negatives and how much there bringing me down, its seriously hurting me, physically hurting me.
The thing I want to be able to do the most I cant, and thats going to keep piling up and making it all worse.
I hate it.